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SilerFox Sensor Concentrator for Frauscher Sensors

SilerFox Sensor Concentrator for Frauscher Sensors

Argenia Railway Technology
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The SilverFox Data Concentrator is designed for industry standard current loop axle counter sensors and Argenia Digital Sensors. SilverFox can interfaces up to 10 analog or 32 Digital axle counters and produces a data stream over internet or serial RS485. The SilverFox Concentrator is used as a 'front-end' to connect many Axle Counters to a control computer or Evaluator (such as the SilverHawk).  May be paralleled for building large yard systems consisting of hundreds of axle counters.

Built-In Interfaces include:

  • Ethernet with Secure SSH, TCP, UDP support
  • Apache Web Server ( use standard browser to communicate to module)
  • dual RS485 twisted pair to 4000 feet for 32 Digital sensors.
  • 4 Solid State Relay outputs
  • 10 Frauscher axle counters (RSR110) inputs
  • OLED 4 x 20 character display
  • 4 optically isolated digital inputs
  • LTE cellular modem integrated or external
  • single or dual Wireless Frequency Hopper radio
  • WiFi
  • Mesh Radio Network (each node is a repeater for the other nodes.
  • Interfaces easily to a fiber optic transceiver for fiber segments up to 80km
  • Can be parallel for up to 120 sensors simultaneously with low latency
  • Supports optional Function Block programming

The Concentrator operates as a stand-alone controller, an interlocking, or a networked Remote Object Controller using a common hardware platform with the specific applications being totally software defined.

The Concentrator can be programmed with Function Block control programs to preprocess sensor data and perform local control of gates, signals and other devices.

A common application is for solar powered remote train detection systems. Solar power is supported along with cellular modem interfaces for sending data over the cellular network. The optional FHSS frequency hopper radio has a range of 4 miles and is available with a dual radio to provide a redundant and more reliable wireless network in noisy environments.

The Mesh radio option supports multiple SilverFox Controllers stations that can communicate with each other with every station acting as a repeater for the others. The Mesh Networking Software will determine the best series of data transfers and find alternate paths should the current path get blocked.