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Argenia Railway Technologies

Argenia designs and builds Safety- Critical Electronic Systems for the Railway "Digital Revolution".

Argenia Railway Technologies is s subsidiary of Argenia Systems Inc.

Argenia Railway Technologies

Specialty Technologies

Railway Grade Crossings

Our Grade Crossing Systems controllers work with Argenia Digital Axle Counter or industry standard Frauscher axle counters. We feature solar powered systems for remote areas and Wireless systems to avoid long buried cable runs. Axle Counter Based Systems can replace track circuits during electrification of locomotives. Features in-cab displays as well.

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Speed Enforcement

Over-speed is the leading cause of train derailments. Our on-board system uses speed information from an on-board track database and RFID tags on the tracks to detect changing zones. If Drivers exceed speed limit an alarm will sound. If the speed is not reduced, the system will apply brakes after warning period expires.

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Communications Based Train Control.

Improve Safety and eliminate human error while reducing Headway with SafeNet CBTC. Knowing precise location of all trains allows vital Collision Avoidance and Adaptive Speed Enforcement while maintaining minimal headway. Suitable for passenger trains with constant communication with Wayside Units and Centralized Dispatch.

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Remote Object Controller

Our SIL 3 compliant SilverHawk Controller acts as a remote object controller to control signal lights and track switches. It actively monitors the status and relays information back to central control. Fiber Optic, Ethernet, Serial RS485 and CAN Bus are supported as well as many different wireless communications technologies.

For SIL 4 Applications two SilverHawk controlled can be lock-stepped to provide a 2oo2 checked-redundant compliant system.

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Complete Turnkey Systems

Argenia is not just a component supplier, we provide complete systems. Our solutions feature a common hardware base with unique applications delivered by custom software. We specialize in Rapid Engineering and complete prototype delivery.

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The highh tech world is confuding, and we would like to help by offering a free consultation service to our potential customers. Lets us show you the value we can bring to your team. Call to make an appointment and we'll talk.

Internet of Things: Axle Counters

Solar Powered axle counters are coupled with cellular modems to provide a remote axle counter system suited for remote areas. Place axle counters virtually anywhere to detect train presence and speed and direction and track occupancy. System can also control signals and track switches remotely while protecting the switch from false activation. It uses the cellular network and internet to deliver data world-wide.

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Vital Multplexer

Vital multiplexers take many individual signals and converts them into a bi-directional high speed serial data stream for transmission over redundant wireless or fiber optic media. At the far end, the stream is converted back to individual signals. It replaces hundreds of copper wires and operates safely in harsh environments prone to interference. Save thousands of dollars on copper cabling and trenching.

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Positive Train Control

One version of our PTC can be implemented as an overlay onto an existing CTC type signaling system. It adds in safety features to account for human error. This FRA pre-approved system operates in a rail system which has sparsely located signals and interspersed dark territories. SafeNet PTC can be implemented in a stand-alone version as well in applications where no existing system is employed.

A non-vital PTC-Light version is used to provide 80% of the required safety functionality of PTC but costs about one third the price of a full blown SIL 4 PTC system.

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Signaling and Networking

The world is going wireless and Argenia is ready. Our products feature Wireless Redundant Frequency Hopper Technology to provide exceptionally reliable communications as well as Fiber Optic, Ethernet, LTE, 5G and Mesh Networks.

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Corporate Resume-Projects

Corporate Resume

Argenia is well acquainted with the safety concepts, and hazard analysis required for all safety (vital) railway equipment. The corporate resume includes the following projects:

Massachusetts Bay Mattapan Collision Avoidance System. Developed and built a CBTC system with speed enforcement and Collision Avoidance for a small demo project. The line equipped 10 trains and 7 stations with equipment all residing on a fiber optic backbone with tracking from a central monitoring station. The system used dual frequency Hopper Radios for wireless communications..

Nashville Eastern PTC Development Plan. Developed a plan for the Nashville Eastern Railway to implement a pTC overlay system. Attained FRA approval.

Grade Crossing System for Hitachi Rail in London, UK

Canadian Government Department of Transportation, Ottawa, ON – Developed a legal-for-trade in motion train weighing system for CN which they used on 6 main terminal yards in Canada. This system was the first of its kind in the world and was legal for trade accuracy to the .01/lbs. The system was certified by Measurement Canada.

CN Rail, Montreal, QB – Designed and built a vital communication system for CN which provided a RF link to provide advance signal to train of track sinking conditions over marsh territory. Wheel sensor measured train speed, direction, sensed problems and triggered advanced warning systems.

Metro Toronto Traffic Control Systems, Toronto, ON – Developed real time software controls (QNX) for the City of Toronto Traffic System; consisted of a 130 computer network running 1600 intersections which updated 32 times a second. All lights were synchronized across the city. This was the second largest traffic system in the world.

CN Rail, Terrace, BC – Designed and built a Traffic Pre-Emption system using wheel counter technology to detect train and force change of nearby road traffic lights in order to clear road of cars before t

Ford Electronics, Toronto, ON – Developed statistical process control systems which advanced plant automation by networking the HP 1000 to the factory machinery, gathered process control info, production rates, yields, and implemented a continuous process improvement system.

Canada Centre for Inland Waters (CCIW), Environment Canada), Hamilton, ON – Designed data acquisition systems; SCADA; sensor conditioning circuits (remote water quality analysis robot) for use inside Hamilton Harbor.

Ontario Northland Railway, North Bay, ON – Communication systems developed to eliminate pole line wires which replaced 18 miles of downed signal lines.

Metro North, CT, USA – Developed a Zone Protection System to eliminated track switches which prevented the switch from actuating under a train and causing a derailment.

Metro Toronto Traffic Signal Control Center, Toronto, ON – Designed a Road Traffic Simulation System to predict accidents and forecast congestion for the purpose of producing traffic patterns and modifying traffic lights in an adaptive manner. Demonstration program ran on a network of PC’s with real-time data input from road detectors.

Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS), Ottawa, ON Developed Spread Spectrum Technology review for use in covert applications.

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