Platform for Railway Signaling

The remote IoT axle counter with solar power and wireless communications. It is a standalone product that uses a FHSS radio (dual radio option available) or a MESH network.

IoT Axle Counter System.

Argenia Railway Technology
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Internet of Things

The Argenia IoT Remote Axle Counter System uses a LTE CAT 1 cellular modem internal to the SilverHawk controller and an axle counter sensor to create an Internet-based train detection point. The self contained unit broadcasts a SMS message to a host computer over the cellular network when a train is detected and the train direction, speed and wheel count are transmitted with time/date and location coordinates.  The IoT can also connect to an Argenia wireless FHSS or Mesh network if cellular is not available.

It finds application in remote and isolated regions where AC power is not practical, so a solar panel power source is required. It also finds use in rail yards where buried cable is not practical to provide.