Platform for Railway Signaling

SilverHawk Safety Controller
SilverHawk Safety Controller
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SilverHawk Safety Controller

Argenia Railway Technology
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Our SIL 3 compliant controller is designed for Railway Signal and Communications, Track Switch Point Protection, Remote Object Control, Grade Crossing Systems and general Interlocking applications use this controller..  It has a rich list of interfaces to support most of the common media. The development package allows non programmers to develop application code using our Function Block programming platform. Using Eagle CAD, draw a block diagram of the system you want using our library of block elements designed for typical railway usage. Special blocks support axle counters, track databases, lookup tables, speed enforcement, penalty braking and more. Then connect the inputs and outputs of the blocks and compile and download to the controller. No programming language or knowledge is required. This produces a safe and certified application program operating in the SafeNet O/S protected sandbox.

A vital Supervisor co-processor performs health checks on the main processor and will shutdown the system on any fault.

Interfaces include:

  • Ethernet with Secure SSH, TCP, UDP support
  • Apache Web Server
  • RS485 twisted pair to 4000 feet.
  • 2 vital monitored outputs with disconnect relays
  • 2 SSR outputs
  • 4 Frauscher axle counters (RSR110)
  • 32 Argenia digital axle counters
  • OLED 4 x 20 character display
  • 2 tested and verified digital inputs
  • CAN Bus interface
  • Wireless Frequency hopper radio
  • WiFi
  • Mesh radio Network (each node is a repeater for the other nodes.
  • Can be expanded with the Remote I/O Module

Operation as a stand-alone controller, an interlocking or a networked Remote Object Controller with common hardware platform with the applications described being totally software defined.

The SilverHawk controller can attain SIL 4 by pairing two controllers to make a 2oo2 system. The Function Block programs operate in lock-step and check each other. The dual vital supervisors constantly health-checks both main processors. (SIL4 uses 2 Logic Processors and 2 Vital Supervisor Processors )