Platform for Railway Signaling

Rail Signal Monitor and Event Recorder

Rail Signal Monitor and Event Recorder

Argenia Railway Technology
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The Signal Monitor is an 15 channel current monitor for railway and traffic control signals. It is put in series which each positive feed wire to each signal and monitors the current flow to the signal. Up to15 channels per device can be used. It has only less than 0.1 Ohm of resistance to the current flow. The signals will operate as usual even if the Signal Monitor is off.

The system will digitize each channel and report signal status over the Ethernet as an IoT device or over a private Frequency Hopper network, or through a fiber optic link.

The system can be programmed with separate current levels and will detect burnt bulbs, open circuits, improper current levels and short circuits.

Function Block logic is used to process the data and create local control of alarms, gates, bells etc based on the actions needed on a signal failure.

Data from the Signal Monitor can be sent to an On-Board Transceiver to inform the train if a signal or multiple signals are out, or if crossings gates and signals are inoperative. The train receiver will return train GPS data to the Signal Monitor and use its outputs to drive any warning or control devices , including gates, signals and bells. It can create a secondary train detection system which will activate crossings based on train position. Can also be used to sense track switch positions and inform the train if a switch is in the wrong position.

The Signal Monitor includes an event recorder with 32 G bytes Flash to store all time-stamped signal activity for several years. Reports are available over the internet connection.

See the LAWS system product description for more information on the in-cab portion of the system.

The attached picture is Argenias' standard 15 in by 15 in cabinet wired with UPS, battery bank, DC charger and terminal strips for I/O connection. Custom systems available prewired for your application.