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SilverRIO Remote Input/Output Expansion Module

Argenia Railway Technology
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The SilverRIO is a 4 channel input and 4 channel output module that communicates over the RS485 bus to a system controller, such as the SilverFox and SilverHawk Models. It add addition I/O to the main controller.

The Outputs can be configured as Single Cut or Double Cut in order to meet CENELEC SIL 3 and SIL 4 standards for Safety Integrity.

Up to 64 RIO Modules can operate from a single controller, or from a 2oo2 vital controller configuration made from two lock-stepped and checked-redundant SilverHawk Controllers.  Therefore, 256 individual single cut outputs, or 128 double cut outputs can be provided.

The units features Solid State Relays in series with safety relays to allow RIO modules to be paralleled and provide redundant outputs. The Vital Supervisor on the SilverHawk monitors the health status of the RIO and can shut it down and switch in the backup units in less than 5 milli-seconds.. 

The RIO supports a dedicated fiber link, and a wireless FHSS radio for wireless communications back to the controller. An Ethernet port is provided so the RIO may take commands from a network controller or Zone Controller.

The Ethernet connection is based on the Lantronix EDGE which features excellent encryption and security software for the utmost is secure communications.

The unit is packaged in a DIN Rail enclosure and is part of the Silver-Series Modules from Argenia.